I’d dabbled in yoga on and off my entire adult life. It was the “pretzel challenge” part of my fitness regimen. In 2013 my curious nature led me to wonder if there was more to it. What was this gentle tug that I felt to explore life on the mat? I wandered into MYOGA with the intent of getting re-acquainted with proper alignment, but ended up finding a tiny piece of real estate that felt like a coming home. Truly great teachers do not instruct, they share their practice and knowledge so that we may discover and develop ours. Class at MYOGA is gracefully guided by exactly those sorts of generous souls. This community helped me learn to truly breathe, to appreciate my body for what it already can do so that I can ask it to do more with humility and gratitude. The practice is a bit like a GPS for me…helping me discern where I am, and where I want to go, in nearly all areas of my life. Funny how that happens when the body, mind, and spirit are finally on the same page!

Yoga is an all access rEvolution…no experience necessary. Enthusiasm, curiosity, and open-mindedness welcome (and encouraged). See you on the mat!

Laura C – Corporate Culture Warrior, Technology Veteran, Foodie, Audiophile, Gypsy Soul, Yogi

IGNITE! What are you doing Friday Night?

At first a machine sits idle, nothing but dormant potential. Then, with a conscious turn of the ignition, there is a spark that wakes it up and sets it in motion. But even a spark is powerless without the hand, without the key. At Myoga, we’re handing you the keys and giving you the power […]

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