Tune -In

We are super excited to welcome Andrea Peloso back to Myoga for her 2nd Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in June 2017.  Andrea is an incredibly wise and steeped yoga teacher.  She stands by the power of Restorative Yoga to reset lives and heal stress and tension.  Her no-nonsesnse, science based style of teaching upgrades the lives of all who experience her smart, grounded teachings.

We are under so much pressure as the information age expands daily putting more and more stress on our nervous systems.  Restorative Yoga is a practice of sanity and deep rest!  During the training, or in any of our scheduled Restorative Yoga classes you will find a wide space of powerful practices that will change your life. Restorative Yoga is a physically passive yoga using yoga props and support so you can relax fully and take the time to engage in your own reality in a powerful and purposeful way!

Think quiet reset.