What is it?

At first a machine sits idle, nothing but dormant potential. Then, with a conscious turn of the ignition, there is a spark that wakes it up and sets it in motion. But even a spark is powerless without the hand, without the key.

At Myoga, we’re handing you the keys and giving you the power to set the sparks of change in motion. Join us for one Friday night each month as we bring together yoga and music in celebration of our community, and in service of our city. Move your asana to the sweet beats, sweat and groove and play and move. Connect with one another in a way that is both mindful and playful. Share your energy and passion for your practice and then expand it outward. This is yoga for change!

Yoga for change?

Yoga is a powerful tool which can create profound shifts. You may know this truth in your own body; you may see this extending off of the mat and into other aspects your own life. Ignite offers the possibility for us to take that power of transformation beyond the self and out into the community. Yoga is process, progression, gratitude, intention, and change. Let’s pass it on!

Each Ignite event is donation based (min. $10), and all proceeds raised will be directed to worthy charities around the city. Previous recipients have included Barrydowne College, Genevra House, Elgin St. Mission, and SACY (Sudbury Action Centre for Youth).

Expect a 75 minute all-level flow set to great music (past nights have included hip hop, 80s night, live DJ), taught on a volunteer basis by a rotating roster of our amazing instructors. Together we will decide on a charity, and set the wheels of positive change in motion.

Save the date, bring a friend, and join the wave of asana activism. Let’s hit the mat, sweat and smile, be together, breathe together. Make a night of it and stay a while. Let’s light a spark for change together.

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