Selina Rose

Vinyasa Yoga

As a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher I am fascinated by the connection between the nervous system and digestion. I began practicing yoga to heal my digestive system, little did I know I’d be opening myself to a life-long journey with a multitude of benefits. I teach yoga to help others revive their tired over-stimulated nervous systems and improve their overall health by going inward to listen to the messages their intuition and body have to offer. My yoga classes are slow and challenging, leaving you refreshed, reconnected and feeling accomplished. As a teacher, my mission is to leave you more self-aware and self-compassionate so you can have a healthier relationship with your body, food, and yourself.

Jodi Fraser

Vinyasa, Restorative

jodi has been practicing yoga for the past ten years, but her practice took on a whole new meaning when she began to suffer with anxiety and depression. Seeking a life of wholeness and balance, yoga and meditation have given her the necessary tools needed in order to find balance between effort and ease. She is a 200 HR Kripalu yoga instructor, sharing her practice by encouraging others to listen to the wisdom of their body, meeting their own individual needs in order to move towards self-acceptance and individual growth in a non judgemental way. She is also a certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor ( with a specialty in cancer centred care) through Susi Hately's Functional Synergy and Calm Steady Strong Programs. She is also a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner through the Lotus Palm Toronto and has additional training in Restorative Yoga with Tracey Currie, Toronto. Her practice and teaching seek to integrate mind, body, breath, heart and spirit on a journey of gratitude and being fully alive.

" You get what you tolerate. You can move away from pain, but to truly heal, you need to make what is the problem intolerable." -Susi Hately

Amanda Axler

Hatha Vinyasa / Tiffany Cruickshank Yoga Medicine

Amanda began her yoga practice about a decade ago and was immediately hooked. She loved the physical and mental benefits that she experienced each time she returned to her mat. No matter what transpired in her life, yoga was always a consistent outlet for her. After feeling she needed more of a challenge in her practice, she decided on a 200 hour teacher training through Yoga Medicine lead by Tiffany Cruikshank. When Amanda isn’t in the studio, you can find her exploring the Northern Ontario wilderness or satisfying her wanderlust by planning her next worldly adventure.

Jen Wilson

Vinyasa Yoga

Jen is one of the original leaders of yoga in Sudbury and is Co-Owner of Myoga. With 15+ years of teaching experience, she continues to bring a contemporary yoga to the community that is both relevant and transformative.
Jen's classes are thoughtful and challenging with a strong emphasis on alignment and self reflection. She weaves in classical theories and mythologies of yoga in a relatable and uplifting way.

Willa Paterson

Originally trained by Todd Norian in 2004, Willa has gone on to seek teachings from, amongst others, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Mark Finch, and Mayhar Raz. Her teaching style draws upon her immersion in a variety of subjects, and underlying it rests the foundation of her own life’s experience, its pains and pleasures, and the efforts she’s made to abide at the center.

Natalie Tissot

After sun saluting in various styles and teachers for seven years, Natalie was introduced to the powerful, poetic and understated teachings of Jen Wilson in 2005. She planted a seed and the rest is history and a whole lot of down dogs, blood, sweat and tears. After studying with Baron Baptiste, Jen and Rachel gave her a space and a chance to grow her craft in 2011. Natalie is a certified Baptiste Yoga teacher since 2014.

Liz O’Hara

I found my way to yoga in university as way to cope with stress. I quickly became hooked, realizing there was way more to this practice than I'd thought. Yoga has helped me change my life in profound ways. It taught me how to take care of myself when I needed that the most. It now helps me ground, breathe and heal. Now as a teacher, it fulfills my greatest purpose in life, helping others connect with themselves and heal.

Lana Boyuk

Originally certified in Sivananda Yoga – 2001, Lana’s unique quest led her to study teachings in Chakra Yoga Flow with Seane Corn, Chakra Psychology with Anodea Judith, 3HO Kundalini Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, as well as being the second owner of OM Yoga Space from 2004-2011. Lana’s classes are a graceful fusion of fluid Hatha and Kundalini, woven with Chakra psychology, with the pure intention to inspire and support her students to explore and tap into their own personal awareness and intuition, while she catalyzes them to explore moving from a state of fear to one of personal empowerment.

Kelsey Fenerty

Kelsey's regular personal practice has been her greatest teacher and healer. Although her practice continues to change and evolve, there is always a strong underlying presence of stillness, of loving kindness, of knowledgeable alignment principles, and of deep, conscious breath that shines through her offerings as a yoga teacher. Those who practice with Kelsey can expect to feel stronger, clearer and more centered.

Ashley Lawrence

Ashley considers herself an inconsistent being – A playful inner child mixed with a calm old soul, a student of science but a wild dreamer and believer, a quiet wallflower one moment and a spontaneous adventurer the next – forever exploring the dualities of life. This fusion of character and openness to perceive and express energetic changes is present in her practice.

Meghan Juuti

Always challenging herself and her students to abandon judgment and expectations and instead (re)define themselves, Meghan’s goal is to continually reach for higher levels of discovery and loveliness. She embraces new adventures like stand up paddleboard yoga and meditation teacher training with a willingness to up-level herself and the community.

Bobby Todd

Bobby has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for 2 years. He came into yoga by chance when his friend told him he’d love Ashtanga yoga, which he was told would compliment his running and workout regiment. He began to love yoga for the sheer physicality but was floored by how relaxed and calm it made him feel. He become addicted.

Adelle Leonard

As an avid lover of body movement, health and wellness, Adelle discovered Yoga as a means to promote greater balance within. Motivated by her passion to inspire and share this ritual, in 2010 she embarked on her journey as an instructor. Influenced by the connection of mind, body and breath, she enjoys creating fun, challenging and alignment focused sequences that guide individuals closer towards the path to the self. Certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin, her classes are weaved with creative flows, supportive adjustments and clean clear instruction with soul, enabling one to feel energized, enlivened and uplifted.

Lindsey Rebeiro

Soon after completing her Doctorate of Chiropractic, Lindsey moved back home to start her professional practice. In her spare time, she began spending more and more time at Myoga–being drawn to the health benefits of yoga; its accessibility and adaptability as a tool for injury prevention, body awareness, mobility, rehabilitation, and one’s overall sense of well-being.These benefits motivated Lindsey to complete her teacher training with Yoga Medicine under the guidance of Tiffany Cruikshank.

Melissa Tardibuono

Melissa is from Toronto and decided to move to Sudbury in September 2015. Two days after the decision, she came alone on a bus with one luggage and three bags. She was scared or unsure it will be worth while or that she would be able to afford it but she considers herself to be someone that thrives off of new experiences, and actually cringes and feels caged in by doing the same things all the time.

John Ahonen

My whole life has been about movement. That's why I took to yoga like a fish to water. I did Karate and breakdancing when I was young. Now its Kung fu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Ashtanga. I need to move daily. Movement brings strength and ease to the body. And since we experience our outer reality through our bodies it's movement that creates a framework for us to become internally aware. In essence you need to go out to go in.